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Snack Bar Par 3

ISLA CANELA OLD COURSE (temporarily closed)


Iberian Ham20€
Homemade Foie9,50€
Warm Cheese Casar Tart with Sweet Cooked onions7€
Breaded Vegetables Tempura & Soya sauce6,50€
Rice noodles, sauteed vegetables and tuna with teriyaki sauce9,50€
Prawn´s risotto & octupus13€
Raviolis with Boletus filling in a Foie & cream sauce13€
Croaker´s homemade “fish & chips” with a green apple mayonaisse8,50€
Chicken fingers with mustard6,50€
Assorted home made 12 croquettes9,50€
Broken eggs with iberiam ham12€
Grilled vegetables8,50€
Potatoe cream with egg, boletus and truffle10,50€
Octupus over sweet potato and red & green mojo picon12,50€
Daily pasta9€
Quinoa salad, marinated tuna & crunchy vegetables10€
Avocado and cheese Burrata salad with pesto & cold tomato foam10.50€
Fake Eggplant musaka with Tuna in 2 textures11,50€
Club Salad9,50€
Tomato, onion & canned tuna salad7,50€
Special Ham & Cheese Sandwich7€
Hotel Isla Canela Golf Sandwich9€
Vegetable Sándwich7,50€
Chicken & brie cheese bagel with piquillo peppers8,50€
Salmon baguette with fresh cheese & cucumber9€
Dr. Thebussem special Big Hamburguer10€
Small Hamburgers7€
Iberian Pork tenderloin, Fried Egg, french fries & ham12€
Grilled Chicken breast & grilled vegetables10,50€
Villaroy chicken breast, vegetables ratatouille & french fries10,50€
Candied Cod with pickled olives & black garlics18€
Croaker fish with different artichocke textures17€
Sea bass & vegetables16,50€
Grilled Turbot with pumpkin & small broad beans19,50€
Roast pig19,50€
Pig iberian secret with risotto in its juice & dried tomatoes20€
Veal Sirloin Steak with Mashed Cauliflower & butter medallion23€
Iberian Pork cooked in a caramelized red wine sauce18€
“Chocolate passion” dessert6€
Lemon Pie with plazed meringue6€
Carrots cake with burrata cheese mousse & Orange pieces6,50€
Our special tiramisú6,50€
Toffee Volcano, ice cream & chocolate tears6,50€
Lemon & Cava Sherbet5,50€