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Football fields

Isla Canela golf has 2 football fields with reglamentary measures, specially recommended to organize pre-season in national or foreign teams, so as any game celebrated among amateurs.

Both fields, situated in between the Golf and the marshlands enjoy of isolation and stillness to work on them on every kind condition you may find.

Besides we offer the use of the Golf course lands to the physical teams preparations in some predeterminated zones and hours.

Such as teams as Sevilla, Huelva, Bilbao Athletic Club, Brusia Dortmunt, Oporto ad many others have enjoy the calmness, good weather and facilities from the Isla Canela Golf football fields.

The pitches are just 400 metres from Hotel Isla Canela Golf, within walking distance for teams.


Football Field
Rent 1 field, 2hOn request
Rent 1 field, 1 day (exclusivity)On request
Golf Course
Use of the golf course for aerobic work (early in the morning, and in areas defined by the club).On request